2nd International Conference on
Global Heart Congress

Theme : A Changed Outlook in Cardiology and Healthcare

About Us

The Scientific Tree is born with a mission to take science and the benefits it brings to the peoples of the world across all nations. With this noble goal in mind Scientific Tree every year organizes scientific conferences on a global platform where internationally celebrated scientists, renowned professors, research scholars, research laboratories, academicians, science students, professionals, doctors, physicians, surgeons, and right down to laymen whose lives are intertwined converge at the Conference to share their scientific knowledge and wisdom, treatises, dissertations, the research findings, whose benefits are crucial to the existence of human lives, their wellness, well-being and good health.

The noble global scientific conferences that Scientific Tree promotes and organizes is a wonderful opportunity for the scientific community to participate in global events to share their knowledge, exchange their ideas, research findings, experiences and experiments through various platforms such as debates, discussions, workshops, brainstorming sessions, live interactions, poster presentations, and several other means. This is a wonderful opportunity for all the participants to gain knowledge in their respective fields.

Each time we organize a science conference, the reviews, suggestions, and compliments we receive from the participants gives us more strength to organize such event often to benefit humankind. To date Scientific Tree has organized several scientific conferences on various fields. As and when we organize a scientific conference, we will make it known to the world through our website, blog and other communication channels.